Volunteerism is an essential contribution

In Ixbalanque we combine three special items: Spanish language, culture exchange, and volunteer work. Honduras is a country characterized by its incredible natural beauty, white sandy beaches, tropical forests, incredible landscapes and living cultures, but with a high poverty rate. For that reason, Volunteerism is an essential contribution in the communities. Ixbalanque supports the communities in its areas through volunteer work. Our students can practice their Spanish by going out and doing volunteer work with us in the communities. The volunteer work is varied and selected based on the interests of each student.

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types of volunteering

Some examples of Volunteer work are:


Work with children from public schools in rural areas in the following topics:


English , Math, Art, Crafts, Music, Sports


Gardening and crop growing


Work on school projects: painting classrooms and repairing furniture


Reading stories to kindergartners


Each student interested in volunteering should enquire prior to arriving at Ixbalanque as they may need to bring their own materials.

“Those who have the privilege of knowing have an obligation to act”

Albert Einstein

Health Care

Students can do volunteer work at the health center in rural areas or participate in medical brigades.

Social Work

Possible to get involved in the social area working with different NGOs in the community which Ixbalanque can coordinate


If there is someone who already speaks Spanish and only wants to come to volunteer, Ixbalanque will arrange all accommodations and look for a place to volunteer at a cost of $140.00 per week.