Two Major Attractions to Visit while Learning Spanish in Honduras

“It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times”, if you are planning to travel around the globe somewhere then Honduras is the best location to choose from.  Honduras is a Central American nation that draws tourists to its islands and beaches.  We have listed four places to visit while learning Spanish in Honduras. If you are fascinated by Honduras – check out our lists

  • The Sacred Valley of the Red Macau – Studying Spanish in Honduras at Ixbalanque opens a door to a new area of the world. The Sacred Valley of the Red Macau (Valle Sagrado de la Guara Roja) is the area of Honduras including Copan Ruinas. The flora and fauna there is spectacular.  What to do there?
    • Visit the bird sanctuary that has replenished and released into the wild many of the nation’s birdsIxbalanque Spanish School Immersions tours
    • Architectural tours: The Mayan Ruins have been restored. This is one of the most amazing archaeological sites of the Mayan ruins. Certainly not to be missed.
    • Horseback riding.
    • Local communities – Researching the area when you are there and talking to the locals will enhance your trip and your language skills.
  • Never miss Copan Ruinas – A place to practice your Spanish in Honduras
    • Unlike many Spanish school locations, Copan Ruinas is in an area where enough English is spoken but not so much that you don’t need to practice your SpanishCopan Ruinas Spanish Immersion Tour
    • Every day after Ixbalanque Spanish classes, passing through the Parque Central or visiting the stores will have you the opportunity to practice your Spanish. The locals will forgive all your conjugation errors and smile and answer your questions.
    • Additionally if you want to do more volunteer opportunities to help the locals are also available.

And if you really want to learn through true Spanish Immersion School, Ixbalanque has an amazing list of families that have room for students to live with them. If you want your clothes washed or just a cup of coffee you will be expected to ask in Spanish. The families are friendly and inviting and have beautiful homes. Staying with the family you get to interact with all members of the family and their neighbors and guests.  It truly ignites your passion to communicate in Spanish.

Ixbalanque – Spanish Immersion School in Honduras

Learning a new language will enhance your travel experience in many ways.  It also has several advantages.  Learning a new language will be helpful in understanding new cultures, you can create new connection with the local community and mainly it will be useful in exploring people and places.

The fastest way to learn a foreign language is by far a language immersion program.  Ixbalanque is providing Spanish immersion programs in Honduras to students to learn Spanish in a faster way.  Spanish immersion programs are great because you are subjected to the language on a continuous basis.  You learn from native speakers as a child learns language.  Another excellent thing about immersion program is learning the latest version of a language, things that might not even exist in textbooks.

Ixbalanque is contributing the local community with its volunteering activities.  Honduras is a low-middle-income nation with more than 60% of the inhabitants in poverty.  So the community requires volunteering in various aspects.  The students of Ixbalanque Spanish School get the opportunity of serving the community while enhancing their Spanish skills.