Why it is important to learn Spanish in Honduras?

Spanish in Honduras

The Spanish in Honduras are similar to the Spanish spoken in Nicaragua and El Salvador and some other central part of America.  But there are some influences in the dialects from the native language of the Honduras that use slang jargon.  One example is that, in the dialect letters, J and S are usually removed and can, therefore, be spoken as the letter H in English.

Learn Spanish in Honduras

Why learn Spanish? There are many reasons to learn Spanish. And if you pursue the internet there are lots of articles that outline why.

Here is our list:

  1. Travel- Spanish is the second most use language in the world. The Western hemisphere is predominantly Spanish (If you include Florida and California). When you have a second language travel becomes that much easier. It opens the doors to go a little off the pure tourist paths. As the saying goes: The world is a book, those who do NOT travel read only one page.
  2. Keep you alive and vibrant.
  3. Make new Friends. If you are studying at Ixbalanque Spanish School, you are likely to meet other people just like you. People who are travelling and learning Spanish.
  4. Volun-tourism. Sadly there are many poor countries where Spanish is spoken. By learning Spanish not only you can go and help but you can communicate with the people you are serving.
  5. Help a tourist in your country. More than one of our students have talked about people lost in their City who spoke almost no English and with their Spanish they were able to offer assistance.
  6. Cocktail chat. When you speak other languages and you seek opportunities to use it you open yourself up to new experiences. These experiences are great when you’re mixing and mingling. People will love to hear your stories.

Ixbalanque Spanish School in Honduras

Honduras has many immersion Spanish schools to teach Spanish to the tourists, business people or medical students etc. Ixbalanque has 29 years of helping people learn Spanish.  Through earning their Masters of Education, the teachers have developed a curriculum and practice methodology second to none. Additionally their teachers are certified to teach Spanish as a second language.

Ixbalanque’s programs accommodate all levels from beginners to advance to professionals. They follow https://www.dele.org/ and help prepare their students for the exams if interested.

Ixbalanque Spanish School in Honduras_Classroom

In addition to highly qualified teachers they have an amazing teaching facility with both classrooms and individual tutoring rooms. This bright ambience and high ceiling building provides a welcoming environment in which to learn. Contact us to improve your Spanish Skills and travel around the Central America like the locals.