Home Stay – A Way to Intensify Your Learning Experience While Studying Spanish in Central America

The best way to learn a new language is by hearing the conversation of native speakers, watching movies that help to understand the phrases, pronunciations and fluency in a language. Therefore language tutors encourage the leaners to engage more with the native speakers. It is this reason many Spanish Schools in Central America came up with the idea of homestay. The students staying with a local family while learning Spanish will have many advantages. Generally they get a fabulous experience in “studying abroad” and easily make friendships with the locals. In homestay, students also get cultural experience and local phrases in learning Spanish whereas class rooms provides less opportunity for the students to listen to natural conversations. Home stay is a way to live a destination, not just visit it.

If you are a student attending a Spanish language school in Central America, choose the family stay accommodation which will help you to speak the language everyday with your local family members. Home stay not only gives the learning experience, learners get families that take care of them while they are away from their real family. Students get home-cooked meal, have opportunity to watch movies, drama with the family and ask questions immediately about the conversation you don’t understand etc. Living with a local family is incredibly enriching and engaging experience that will make the Spanish learning experience more rewarding.

IxbalanqueSpanish School is a Spanish language school located at Copan, Honduras. Homestay in Honduras while learning Spanish in Ixbalanque is value for money. Ixbalanque strongly recommends the students to stay with a local family in order to get the benefits of total language immersion. Most of the families in Honduras are middle class by Honduran standards. The families are responsible for providing the facilities for students. Hondurans are generally tourist-friendly and more welcoming. People in the local home will make you to feel more comfortable and secure. It will be a pain relief from home sickness for international students. Through homestay one can meet interesting people and get to know the place through the eyes of the locals.

Spanish School in Honduras

Students staying at homestay will learn quickly when compared to the students staying in hotels while learning a language. It is a best way to learn the slang and good pronunciation because you can hear the models of correct pronunciation. Local families will usually be trustworthy and dedicated to create a loving environment for international students.

At Ixbalanque family stay accommodations, privacy of students will be respected in homestay. They can spend more time on studies and other outdoor activities. It will be a comfortable place to learn Spanish and also the culture with the local people. Overall students can get a new family in their time of homestay and forever.

Learning Spanish in Honduras at Ixbalanque will give a new experience for students if they choose to stay with a local family. Students can get chances to involve into different activities with the people in homestay. That will help them to fully immerse into the Spanish language and help them to learn faster than the other students. For more information, contact us or book now to get into our Spanish immersion programs.