We will be your family.

You will live with friendly and dynamic families that will facilitate a bond between the students and the diverse social and cultural activities that take place in our environment. The families are all middle class by Honduran standards.

our families

each family will be responsible for providing:


A room solely for the student that locks with a key.


Own bathroom and comfortable sleeping Sheets.

Purified water

Purified water to hydrate at any time of day.


Three meals per day.

Studio Space

A fan, a reading lamp, a table and a chair


Screened window.


Some families have internet access, You can also can access internet in the central park and the Ixbalanque school.

Learn Spanish in Honduras with Family Stay


For just $260,- a week you can learn Spanish in Copan, stay at a local Honduran family, and much more. See the table on the left what’s included in the price. The prices of $260,- a week.

Although we strongly recommend living with a local family in order to maximize the benefits of total immersion, we would be happy to arrange a stay in one of the many comfortable hotels in town. Please contact us for hotel options.

Family stay

Learn spanish


per week
  • Full board stay at a local family
  • 4 hours private tutoring by a certified teacher, 5 days per week
  • A workbook is provided for any level of spanish
  • Guided trip once a week