Copan – A Short Bus Ride from Antigua, Guatemala in Central America

The ancient Mayan ruins in Central America are priceless.  The Mayan ruins are the landmark attractions in Central America because of its ancient and complicated architectural designs.  The Copan in Honduras is the best place to visit in Central America to learn about the Mayan ruins.

Although the archaeological site is the main attraction of Copan, it has other fine places to visit including museums in and around the town.  A few highlights of travelling to Central America are exploring the Mayan ruins at Copan, learning Spanish from the locals through family stay accommodations and bargain at the local markets of colorful colonial Antigua.


Antigua is a city in Guatemala’s central highlands noted for its preserved Spanish Baroque architecture and number of ruins of colonial churches.  Thousands of visitors come down to Antigua for its glorious Semana Santa celebrations over Easter, but this colonial gem is worth a visit any time of a year.

A short Bus ride from Antigua to Copan

Antigua city is kept one of the best examples of Latin American town planning.  It has a well-developed tourism infrastructure due to its popularity among tourists.  Antigua is used as a central location to visit for those who are visiting the Central America.  The Central Park is the heart of Antigua, and it is acting as a popular gathering spot.

A trip from Antigua to Copan

The road distance from Antigua to Copan Ruinas is 427.1 km.  The cheapest way of travelling from Antigua to Copan is by bus.  It will take around 8 hrs.  Bus service from Antigua to Copan is once in a day, and operates every day.  The cost for travelling by bus will take around US$36 – US$91.  This will be an excellent overnight trip from Antigua.

Shuttle transport is also available from Antigua to Copan.  The cost will start from $22.  The fastest way to get from Antigua to Copan is shuttle transport.  It will take only 4 hours.  Many transport companies run shared shuttle between Antigua and Copan.  The rates will be lower than other private transports because you share the rates with other tourists.  But the shuttles will go at certain times of the day.

You can also plan a small group tour for this adventurous trip.  With the company of other adventurous travelers and with the local guides you can discover the brilliant, colorful, wonderful and diverse culture of a different country.

It is easy to take a short one or two day trip from Antigua to Copan by a charter plane.  A charter flight is an unscheduled flight that is not part of a regular routing of the airline.

A clever and simple slogan which elegantly conveys why you should visit Copan is because Copan is more, or more precisely Copan is Mayans, Birds and Safe!

Besides visiting the ruins, you can do a lot of activities in Copan.  If you want to learn Spanish in a small town in Central America, Copan from Honduras is the right place for you.  Ixbalanque Spanish School is the best among the Spanish Immersion School in Central America that offers family stay, group tutoring and one-on-one learning for travelers, business executives etc.