Benefits of One-on-One Learning Style from Ixbalanque Spanish School in Central America

The learning style of a person refers to the preferential mode of absorbing, processing, comprehending and retaining information. The phrase ‘learning style’ gives a hint that every person learns differently. It is crucial for educators to understand the differences in their students learning pace to implement the best practices into their curriculum and assessments.

There are a number of learning styles. Learning styles will probably vary among students in a class room. Each teacher has their own teaching style, but then so do most students. The problems develop when teachers’ and students’ learning methods do not match. For this obvious reason Ixbalanque Spanish School adopts One-on-One learning as a solution to these problems.

Benefits in one-on-one learning Style

In one-on-one learning, students will get more personal attention from tutors. One-on-one learning style enables students to take control over their studies. It gives the confidence to communicate what they need, and receive personalized attention that will enable them to learn Spanish faster and efficient. A few benefits are as follows;

  • The class will never go on without the student. One-on-one learning is the method designed by keeping our learners’ in mind who are mostly travelers and business executives who cannot spend on regular classroom activities.
  • Students get high quality interactions and our instructor assess student’s development and mastery of the Spanish skills closely
  • Increases student’s personal responsibility and interest in learning Spanish Language
  • One-on-one learning will avoid overstimulation, and distractions as caused by other peers sitting in the same class room. Learners will be able to focus only on their subjects without peer distractions
  • Increase in Interpersonal communication as our instructors will get more opportunities to adapt to student’s communication style.

Why does Ixbalanque Spanish School have One-on-One Learning Style?

We know that not everyone’s learning will be the same. Everybody will learn different ideas at different times and different paces. Some people can learn something at the first try, after being told what to do. Some others might need a hands-on experience to know and possibly repeat it a few times to really get the hang of things. Our Spanish School teachers have developed their own strategies, approaches and materials in one-on-one learning style.

In learning any language, smaller the class size is the better for its learners. Our students learning in one-on-one teaching will outperform their peers in Spanish language skills such as reading, pronunciation and communicative skills like listening and speaking. Ixbalanque Spanish School offers one teacher for each student and ensures our learners get to learn real-life conversation skills in Spanish language. Contact us to make your reservations for the wonderful, fast, easy and fun experience in learning Spanish from the trusted Spanish Immersion School in Honduras, Central America.