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Are you looking for a high quality Spanish School in Honduras, to meet new people, to explore new cultures? Well, Ixbalanque Spanish School has highly experienced certified teachers with up to 16 years experience. Our school recently was awarded the prestigious Award of Educational Excellence for our quality service since 1990. At our school students learn about and experience the local customs of Honduras, the Maya culture, and the Spanish-speaking world.

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Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young

Henry Ford

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Whether you are a tourist visiting Central America, or a businessperson who wants to improve your Spanish skills, you can trust Ixbalanque to deliver the highest quality of instruction available.

Mi casa

es tu casa

What better way to learn Spanish than be totally surrounded by Spanish people. Choose to stay with a guest family during your stay in Copan to enhance your experience.

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Most likely you are on this page because of our program to introduce Ixbalanque Escuela to people who are interested in improving their level of Spanish. No matter what level of Spanish you have attained, there is no better way to improve your Spanish then to put it to use.

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Learning Activities

Once a week the school organizes a trip for all it’s students. This way you will get to see more of the beautiful Copan and be able to put your newly learned Spanish skills into practice. The school has a couple of standard activities, but we are open for other possibilities. Here are some of the activities


Together with a guide you will visit a old Mayan village near Copan. Here the guide will tell you all about the live of the Mayan people and show you around the town. You will also visit ancient sculptures from the Mayan age. In the village the woman still practice the art of weaving. After a demonstration it possible to buy a beautiful handcrafted scarf.

Hot Springs

Few things are better than dipping in a Natural Hot Spring after four hours of studying. Until we will find those things we would like to take you to the Luna Jaguar Natural Hot Springs in Copan. In this little piece of heaven you can relax the Hot Springs, take a natural mud face mask or even take a massage. This trip is one of our students (and teachers) favorites!

Coffee tour in Honduras language

Coffe Tour

Coffee is one of the biggest export products of Honduras, and with good reason! In this tour you will be guided through one of the many coffee plantations, you will be shown how the coffee is being made and you can even taste some; probably this will be the freshest cup of coffee you ever had.

Pottery Baking

Pottery products are still widely used in Honduras, and most of it is still hand made. You will be told a little history of pottery baking in Honduras and learn how to make your own pottery product of choice. And yes, after all this hard work you can take your own creation with you!

Pottery Baking and  Spanish institute

Bird Park

Even in the time of the Mayans the people where fascinated by the wondrous birds of Copan. The mayans highly valued there birds, this is seen in many of the old mayan drawings and sculptures. Nowadays you can visit these beautiful creatures in the Bird Park of Copan. In this park the birds are being prepared to be released in the wild again (near the Ruins of Copan, their original home).

Birds park and Spanish Institute
Mayan Ruins and Spanish Institute


Honduras is a Central American country blessed with tremendous ecological and cultural diversity. Visitors here will encounter majestic green mountains, beach paradises, verdant valleys, and lush tropical forests. In fact, Honduras has more of its territory covered by forest than any country in Central America.

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